When it comes to Real Estate sales, we specialize in generating more sales faster.

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Our expertise in designing, implementing, and managing Digital Marketing Campaigns in the Real Estate market is what delivers more sales faster. It's not magic, but the result of mixing creativity, technology, and people to develop highly engaging campaigns that deliver warm and qualified sales leads to your team.

Why Us 01

We are Intersect. A team of creative, marketing, technology, and real estate professionals with over 20 years of experience in Real Estate marketing. With projects all over the world, we have accumulated a wealth of experience that allows us to develop your brand and sell your project at the same time.

Why choose Intersect:

We know how to capture leads that you would not be able to reach by traditional means.
We leverage various digital media channels to target and reach your ideal customers. We then follow up to qualify the prospects and get them interested in your project, at which point we deliver them to your sales team for the final sales pitch and closure.

We understand how to communicate, elevate the message, position your product and attract qualifies buyers.

What we do 02


By using a wide range of digital, marketing, and creative strategies, we expose your project to the target audience in a very effective and low-cost way.
This is where real sales are born.

Organic SEO
Multi-channeled paid media
Social Media
Content Marketing
Conversion optimization
Data & Analytics


Nurturing prospects is key to consolidating a successful selling process. This is achieved by building a strong trust-based relationship. This is the foundation of smart selling.

Smart Segmentation
Educational Content
Email Marketing
Social Listening
Marketing Automation
MQL to SQL Handoff


The moment of truth where all efforts show their worthiness. Working with our own or third-party sales teams, our job continues until the deal is closed, because results are our best motivation.

Defined Sales Process
Sales Automation
Smart Calling
Training & Coaching
Closed-Loop Reporting

Cases 03

Santiago Conway Conway Partners

Who we are 04

Conway+Partners is a full-service, integrated branding and marketing agency, headquartered in NYC, specializing in the real estate and hospitality industries. Working with a diverse roster of global clientele, we are driven by creativity and innovation to garner real world results.

Marcelo Bridger

Born in Buenos Aires, Marcelo studied Graphic Design, Advertising and Marketing at the University of Buenos Aires. When he graduated he joined his friend Santiago Felippelli Conway and the pair worked freelance together. Simultaneously he started working for two important agencies, first at Saatchi & Saatchi and later at Grey Argentina as an art director. In 1990, Marcelo and Santiago launched D-Mode magazine becoming, at the same time, partners in the graphic design agency Maya. In 1994 Marcelo left Grey Argentina to focus 100% on his new agency. A year later, the agency was renamed Conway+Partners. Marcelo currently manages the agency’s operations in Argentina and Latin America.

Mariel Grinstein

Mariel Grinstein is an experienced marketing professional skilled in Inbound Marketing, Digital Strategy, and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). She is Licensed in Marketing with a Master in Data Mining and is a Google Partner, an Elite Partner at Hubspot, a Salesforce Ranger, and a Certified Facebook Advertiser. Grinstein has more than 4 years of experience in Real Estate Lead Generation and Qualification through inbound marketing, with excellent team management, business planning, and analytical skills.

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New York
101 Park Avenue, 4th Floor
New York, NY 10017
7261 NE 4th Avenue, Suite 101
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